Hello, I’m Angelynn Bland, the face behind Anything But Bland. 

The name say’s it all. The core of this website is dedicated to living a healthy, balanced, fulfilling life, but not limited to just that. I like to share tips + tricks, my personal experiences and real talk on everything fitness, wellness and LIFE.

I am a twenty something enthusiast of living healthy + active and all things positive in life. I have a full-time job in Corporate Events at the Canadian Tire Head office in Toronto and I am an influencer for Under Armour Canada. My love lies within the world of healthy living, sports, events, travel, learning, meeting new people and trying new things. In a nutshell – I like to keep busy. 


Over the past few years I’ve become so passionate about healthy, active living, and strive to embody that in everything I do. Whether it’s at work, the gym or in the kitchen, I’m always trying to be the best possible version of myself. My health journey has taught me a lot about myself, what challenges me, what motivates me, and ultimately what gives me the highest personal satisfaction.

Growing up as a competitive dancer/cheerleader and involved in multiple sports, active and healthy living was just part of my normal routine. Some of my accomplishments as a dancer were representing Canada at the “World Show Dance Competition” in Germany and Professionally Cheerleading for the Toronto Rock and the Toronto Argonauts. Being apart of the Argo squad during the 100th Grey Cup was one of the highlights of my dance career. Although being in the spot light was fun, it comes with a lot of pressure to look and act a certain way, this was good and bad at times but has shaped me into who I am today.

I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled a lot in my twenties for both work and play. I toured Canada for an entire year celebrating 100 years of hockey with the Hockey Canada Century Tour setting up in big cities to small communities. Seeing our beautiful country and making new friends along the way were all positive things that led me to where I am now. The learning curve was adapting my eating habits and fitness routine to living out of a suitcase and not having a kitchen. You could say I learned a lot! 


My mandate is all about motivating and inspiring myself and others to live their best possible life through healthy, active living all while not giving up the fun in life. I hope my website inspires you to try something new, find a lifestyle that works for you, and fall in love with the way it makes you feel. Please join me on this journey and stay connected as I share fresh content, tips and tricks and most of all, real talk for real people.

Health & Happiness,

Questions? Comments? Anything you need, feel free to ask!