Why aren’t you where you want to be?!

Why aren’t you where you want to be?!

What is getting in the way of us KNOWING what we need to be doing but for some reason are not doing it.

Perfectionism = the strategy to avoid shame & disappointment. It is one thing that holds people back from reaching their highest potential and taking action on their dreams and desires.

We are human-beings, and as human-beings we are all imperfect. If we were perfect there would be nothing to learn, we wouldn’t grow, we wouldn’t evolve, we wouldn’t create.

We procrastinate on the things we know we want to do, to protect ourselves from failure. Procrastination can be confused with thinking it’s a lack of motivation or drive, but it’s in fact much deeper than that.

You are withholding effort & action by NOT going after what you want because you’re so focused on the potential disappointment. So, you’re only doing the things you know you’re good at instead of doing the things that scare you and allow you to grow.

Its backwards thinking – you are putting out the energy of “I am going to wait until the perfect moment, wait until my circumstances change, wait until I the uncertainty goes away”. What do you attract by doing this? More waiting. Nothing happens. Years go by, you look back & have regrets. But these aren’t regrets coming from making mistakes, making mistakes means you actually TRIED and you took action, you learned a lesson and can apply it when you do it again.

Unfortunately, in our efforts to avoid disappointment, we create disappointment. 

It is very disappointing to not ever try anything, especially if you believe in your potential and believe you were meant for more.

The key here is to start before you are ready, before you have it all figured out, before it’s the perfect scenario. The magic comes from within. Create the vision. Overcome your fears, doubts and uncertainties and take action on your intuition. Follow the instructions that your soul or higher self are telling you to do! That’s the kind of action which will get you closer to your dreams.

The only wrong decision you can make in your life is by not making a decision. Make the decision to take the first step of action and you will attract so much more amazing-ness by doing that than holding back in life!


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