My Morning Routine!

My Morning Routine!
Something about having your sh*t together by 9am, am I right!
Morning routine is vital for me. It truly does set the tone for the rest of the day. My routine switches up as circumstances change & right now, I find myself needing more structure in the mornings & obv have more time. I wanted to share what I’m up to because it’s been a game changer during covid!
– Wake up at 7:30 (everyday I’m waking up a bit earlier because, summer is coming☀️)
– Wash up, nothing like a fresh face
– Warm lemon water + vitamins
– Bulletproof coffee to go
– Gratitude list / journal it out
– 20-30 min walk outside with a podcast or chill music. (I switch up the last 2 depending on what I’m feeling, sometimes instead I’ll say my gratitude list on my walk, or do it after my walk, etc etc.) The creative juices flow on my walks, so this has been an amazing way to kick start the day. The creative zone makes me happy!
– Come home & tackle my to-do list I wrote the night before! (I highly suggest doing this, you wake up waaay less scatter brained)
Do you have a morning routine that you love?

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