Meet Karina V! A Toronto based fitness professional who motivates and inspires me. Karina is the founding trainer at Toronto Barry’s Bootcamp, co-founder of Fit Escapes, a certified personal trainer, a certified yoga instructor, AND a certified nutritionist. Karina spends her days training, attending classes and workshops, teaching, stretching, sweating, laughing and loving.

So let’s get to know this beauty!

Name: Karina Vee

Birthday: April 28

Hometown: Toronto

Currently lives in: Toronto

Occupation: Fitness/ Wellness Professional

Life motto: You are the creator of your life, always lead with love, be mindful and positive, I truly believe your inside thoughts reflect your outer world/ reality.

If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be? You are capable of SO much more than you can ever imagine.

Do you have a morning routine that sets the tone for your day? Yes I love my morning routine. I like to start by drinking water with lemon to alkalize my body. Then I like to do a 20 min oil pull for my oral hygiene while I’m getting ready. I like to start my day with drinking athletic greens followed by bulletproof. If I have time in the mornings I love to meditate, on my way to work I love to do a gratitude walk.

The biggest risk you have taken thus far: Broke up with my fiance that I was in love with because I knew something wasn’t right. BEST DECISION OF MY LIFE ( I could of totally settled and I would have been miserable) So many wonderful things have happened after I took the leap.


What do you typically eat in a day? I fast until 1 PM every day. I try my best to be 80% pescatarian. My lunch and dinner usually consist of some kind of protein, healthy carb, and veggies.

Coffee order: Bullet proof

Favourite restaurant(s): This is really hard to answer because it’s really mood depending. My favorite brunch spot in Toronto is Saving Grace.

3 items on your grocery list every week: Kimchi/Saurkraut, Wild Salmon, Kale

What are your top tips for keeping up a healthy diet? Don’t buy any junk food, period!!! so you don’t have to deal with temptations at home. Don’t starve yourself because that’s when you make bad decisions, always have healthy snacks on hand.


How often do you train? 6 days a week

Favorite way to sweat?  HIIT, strength training, boxing and yoga

What’s the most important piece of advice for someone as they work to achieve their fitness goals?  Find what you love and even if it’s 30 min a day, get your body moving

Go-to pump up song(s): Cola- CamelPhat & Elderbrook The Look

The Look

AM and PM skincare routine: Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner, dermaquest cleanser, Avene hydrating moisturizer, skin cuticles serum. I suffer from acne so I use dermalogica acne serum (lifesaver). Weekly sheet masks or a nice hydrating mask in the winter.

Favourite item in your closet: Anything black

Favourite shops/brands: I’m obsessed with reformation.

Go-to spa treatment: Hydra facial

What is in your day-to-day bag? Dermaquest post workout wipes


Life can be a rush – how do you make time to give yourself the breaks that you need? Disconnect from my phone and read a book or a blog, go on a hike, travel

What do you do for fun? FOOD lol I love to eat, trying new restaurants, I used to salsa dance a lot, travel, hike, spend time with my dog

Favourite place to travel to? Bali, Tulum, California

Next on your bucket list: Icleand

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