Skincare for Women Who Sweat!

Skincare for Women Who Sweat!

A skincare line specifically for women who workout, you have my attention! When FRÉ reached out to me to do a collaboration, I was really excited. I had been seeing a lot of buzz around the product, being the first skincare range for women who work out, formulated for skin that sweats. In the same breath, knowing my skin is extremely sensitive, introducing new products can be risky. I suffered from acne up until a couple months ago – using the wrong products on my face could and would affect my skin. However, when I did some research and found out that the 123 FRÉ is a three-step skincare range with a hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic formula, I was intrigued.

I started off with the 3-Step treatment which is designed to combat environmental damage, reduce premature aging and promote a healthy and natural glow – on top of that glow that working out gives you ;). I instantly fell in love with the way it made my face feel. For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know I like to workout at lunch. This requires the steps to getting in and out within the hour to be simple, timely and effective. And as I mentioned earlier, with sensitive skin, I need to make sure my face is clean and protected before and after my workout with good quality products. FRÉ has been a great addition to my lunch workout necessities and I honestly can’t picture my before/after workout regime without it.

So, how does the 3-Step treatment work? You get the following:

  • Protect Me: a moisturizer that you put on before your workout that helps protect and hydrate your skin while sweating. It’s also hypoallergenic, water resistant and it won’t clog pores (so key for me).
  • Purify Me: a facial cleanser to help exfoliate and hydrate skin after your intense workouts by removing dead cells, oils and impurities.  It prevents and treats breakouts, de-stresses and re-balances skin pH, post-workout. ** This is my favourite! I absolutely love the way it makes my face feel after a workout, it’s light and leaves your face feel fresh and clean. It has jojoba beads in it that provide nice exfoliation.
  • Revive Me: a replenishing serum to put on after you use the cleanser that helps replenish moisture and vitamins as well as regenerates collagen. This is the cherry on top to finishing a great sweat session!

You also get 2 cute bags to put the 3 products in. Great for travel and tossing in your gym bag!

And voila! A simple, revitalizing, 3-step process before and after your workout to protect the skin all while creating that energized, healthy glow we’re all after!

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Any further questions on skincare, please drop me a line and I’d be happy to answer!

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