YYC Studio Review: Row 17

YYC Studio Review: Row 17


Dubbed the “Perfect Calorie Burn”, IndoRow will tone, strengthen and burn 2 x the calories during the most effective 45 minutes of your time.

I like the sounds of this… but 45 minutes of straight rowing? My prior Row 17 self would not be enthused by that idea however, after getting outside of my comfort zone and trying a class at Row 17, I was hooked. Row 17 was different than anything I had ever done before, it had the most unique vibe that quickly became something I looked forward to – not to mention the results I began to see were great motivation to keep going (I am talking in past tense because I just moved out of Calgary *sad face*).

Row 17 is located in the heart of downtown on the trendy strip of 17th ave. The studio is spacious, clean and welcoming. The owner, Reese who is also an instructor, along with the rest of his team were extremely knowledgeable, motivating and kind. Outside of the Rowing classes, they also have a Run Club and a Personal Training Gym upstairs called The Loft. Endless opportunity to grow, challenge yourself and more importantly – have fun while doing it!

Did you know Row 17 is Canada’s first Indo-Row studio? Yes, meaning these guys are certified pro’s. There are multiple classes offered at Row 17 and I was lucky enough to have tried them all. This studio really caters to all levels and provides a wide variety to meet your needs and interests. My top 3 favourite classes: 1. Row! – a full class on the rowing machine focusing on cardio muscle building and fitness, 2. RowMachine – a combination of rowing and body weight exercises and 3. Row ‘n’ Flow –  fluidity of rowing with the empowerment and body knowledge of Yoga (great class to do to prepare for a good nights rest).

You may still be wondering..

What Exactly is Indo Row? It was created by World Champion Rower, ultra-endurance athlete and acclaimed trainer Josh Crosby and industry renowned fitness educator, trainer Jay Blahnik; IndoRow provides a Transformative total body workout that challenges the body and focuses the mind.

What to Expect: You will experience a full body low-to-no impact cardio and strength workout.

Why Row 17? Row17 welcomes all fitness levels and is confident you will get the most out of your workout. With the help of their certified instructors and their WaterRower®GX machine that mimics the dynamic resistance of a boat gliding across the water, you will never leave disappointed.

For $10.00 you can go try your first class at Row 17. If you love it, they offer an Introw Month for $89.00. Full price list here.

I challenge you to get out of your comfort zone like I did, be open minded and go and row your heart out! I thank Row 17 and their amazing staff for showing me how incredible rowing is not only physically but mentally. I miss you guys!!

Health & Happiness,


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