Barre Belle is the perfect combination of elegance and class. Offering classes at 3 different locations in YYC – the heart of Mission downtown, Parkdale North, and Auburn Bay South, Barre Belle is Calgary’s Premier Barre Boutique Studio.

What to Expect: The studio is very chic, vibrant and clean. What a great feeling walking into a place full of women with one mutual goal: working towards becoming the strongest versions of themselves. The common mistake people think of barre classes is that it’s just for dancers or former dancers. Although Barre Belle’s classes are based on dance principles, the classes offered include a variety of compound exercises, cardio, mat work, core and HIIT training. The highly experienced Barre Belle instructors will set you up for success at the barre, providing you with motivation and guidance through each exercise. I did the Barre Belle Fat Burner class with Kate and let me tell ya, the name does not lie. This class was tough love but that’s what made it an effective workout. A 60 minute class with a mix of intense cardio and plyometric movements, needless to say, I felt the fat burning.

Conclusion: Build a booty, tone, burn fat, have fun and surround yourself with great people – are all things you get from Barre Belle. If you’re ready to get out of your comfort zone, challenge your body, feel the burn and see serious results, I highly suggest taking a class at Barre Belle. If you are new to Barre Belle, they offer 2 weeks unlimited for $55. This is a great opportunity to see what classes and teachers you like should you choose to purchase a pass afterwards. It is suggested to try Fat Burn or Barre Fit for your first class before moving to a Gals or Barre X. Thank you Barre Belle for a great class, you can expect to see my face around more often!

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