Lacing up for the long weekend – HALLELUJAH! I just got back from vacation 2 weeks ago but I’m itching to get out of town again. For most, this may be the final hurrah of summer and I’m actually okay with this – summer has been one hell of a good time.

For me, it’s the last Lake weekend of summer ’17 and I’m going to enjoy every minute of it. I just killed my morning workout knowing that will be it until I get back Tuesday and THAT IS A-OKAY. We are allowed to take a break, unwind and enjoy the good things in life, so don’t feel bad about it. With that being said though, I don’t want to completely fall off the bandwagon and come back feeling like an absolute blob, so here are a few tips to keep it a [somewhat] healthy long weekend while looking and feeling your best.

Start the Day Off Right: Cleanse that temple of yours. Drink lots of water, squeeze some lemon in there and take your vitamins before you reach for a coffee or Caesar. Load up on protein and fruit with breakfast. If all else fails, at least you started on a high note!

Choose Wisely: If you’re drinking alcohol, alternate your choice of drink if you will be having several. Go for the ‘skinnier’ option, for example: vodka mixed with sparkling water (no pop) instead of pre-mixed coolers. It’s easy to consume a couple hundred calories with just drinks!

Beer (250 ml): 110 kcal
White wine (dry, 150 ml): 100 kcal
Red wine (150 ml): 123 kcal
Cocktail: 274-326 kcal
Vodka(35 ml): 82 kcal

Stay Hydrated: Mix in a couple [non-alcoholic] waters throughout the day, ideally match one alcoholic beverage with one glass of water. A couple bevies deep you will thank yourself – speaking from experience here 😉

Moderation and Consideration: Don’t deprive yourself from the yummy treats but also know when to stop. Start eating the healthy options first so you will fill up before indulging. Don’t forget about portion control and moderation when it comes to food – wait 10 minutes before going in for seconds, chances are you will feel full. Skip the high-fat dips, cheese and buns. If you’re out for food, be cautious of what you order – think of how it will make you feel after, is it worth it? Stick to what you know and what your body is used to.


Make a Plan For Tuesday: Prepare for a fresh start on Tuesday. Make a meal and workout plan for the week. If you’re going away or know you won’t get to the grocery store before Tuesday, get groceries before the weekend that won’t go bad – frozen/dried fruit, eggs, tuna, rice crackers, sweet potatoes, lemons, almonds – these will get you through the first day at least. Schedule a fitness class on Tuesday, meet a friend for a workout or go for a walk on lunch, just be sure to move. Simple stuff to set yourself up for a good week.

I hope these tips help but more importantly I hope you have a great weekend full of fun and relaxation! If you need tips on how to bounce back after a binge weekend check out my recent blog post here.

Health & Happiness,


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