First off, I have to say this summer has been UNREAL and second off, how is it already the middle of July?! It’s really true when they say time flies when you’re having fun.

Summer for me, is the best time of the year. There is so much to do and and so much to see. The past few weekends have been a lot of fun but a bit of a right off when it comes to my healthy habits. Between the cottage, Stampede (holy f) and camping I have been eating and drinking a lot more than the norm (#noregrets). It’s important to accept that it’s okay if you go off track. So if you’re laying on your couch right now after a weekend of indulging, feeling bloated, tired, sad and guilty, STEP 1: forgive yourself, STEP 2: keep reading! We are human, we deserve to enjoy the good things in life, it’s all about moderation and balance.

For my fellow stampede go-ers, campers, partiers and weekend indulgers, here are a few of my tips to get back on track:

LEMON WATER – Alllll the lemons (real lemons not the bottled juice) and all the water. Lemon water is KEY for re-hydrating and detoxing that temple of yours. It will help eliminate the waste in your body, restore it with vitamin C, move along digestion, cleanse your liver and kidneys (alcohol damages these 2 organs), restore the pH balance, reduce inflammation and flush out infections and unwanted minerals brought on by alcohol.

PROBIOTICS, MULTI-VITAMIN, OMEGA-3 – Heal your gut and revive your overall health by taking the following vitamins. Benefits include: support to immune function and healthy digestion, reduce of inflammation, stress, anxiety, bloating and gas, improves mood and energy levels and assists with regularity. Popping vitamins is quick and easy, so do your body a favour and give it the nutrients it needs.

DON’T SKIP A MEAL – The worst thing you can do to your mind and body is skip breakfast or any meal after a binge weekend. This can cause issues with your glucose and insulin levels that ultimately help your metabolism run, it will also restrict your brain from thinking clearly. The goal is to get you back to healthy eating, so don’t deprive yourself, it will result in feeling under-nourished, crabby and tired.

GET MOVING – The thought of this may make you want to crawl into a hole but I can assure you once you get moving you will be just fine. I’m not asking for much here, let’s be realistic but light exercise like going for a walk is one step closer to bouncing back. Moving will help speed up digestion, even out blood sugar and clear your head. After a brisk walk, schedule your next workout and get back to your regular fitness routine. Signing up for a class or meeting a friend for a sweat session could help with keeping yourself accountable.

I hope you find these tips helpful! I myself will be taking my own advice this week. Looking forward to getting back on track. Have a great week!

Health & Happiness,


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