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In light of the warmer weather, I have been reallllly digging infused water, one recipe in particular that just so happens to be great for skin, detox AND mix 😉

Infused water is so refreshing, packed with health benefits and it’s a good alternative to soda! You just feel good drinking it.

There are many ways to spice up your water but I like to keep it rather simple and reap the health benefits. My go to infused water:

Lemon – Not a day goes by that I don’t have lemon, it’s that good. The benefits of lemon are endless but here are a few: packed with vitamin C, cleanses your body, revitalizes your skin, freshens breath, gives you an energy boost and just an overall miracle for our bodies.

Cucumber – Cucumbers are so refreshing, probably because 95% is made up of water. They also reduce inflammation, are low in cals and high in fibre which means great for weight loss and digestion.

Mint – MM MM good. My friend recently got me a mint plant and I have loved having fresh mint on hand. I have been told it’s easy to grow one too! Benefits: Mint is a great herb for digestion, weight loss, skin and seasonal allergies!

I also mentioned it’s a good mix and I was not lying. Vodka/Gin optional, balanced lifestyle right? It’s a refreshing summer beverage and as we dehydrate our bodies with alcohol we re-hydrate with this magical drink! Win win.

Overall, a great drink for multiple reasons. You can make a batch of this at the beginning of the week or prep a water bottle everyday if you’re on the go.


Health & Happiness,


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